On April 27, the star's Queen Collective initiative will debut two new short films by up-and-coming female directors on Hulu.

By Janine Rubenstein
April 27, 2019 12:46 PM

Queen Latifah feels just like the rest of us.

“I’m just happy it’s Spring time,” she says, stopping by the PEOPLE offices on April 25 to spread the word on her inspiring new project. “Everything feels new. There’s butterflies everywhere. It’s just a good time of year. It’s excited me every year since I was a kid.”

What she’s most excited about right now is her Queen Collective initiative. Partnering with Procter and Gamble and Tribeca Film Festival, the superstar rapper and actress has launched a program to find, support and launch women of color filmmakers. After combing through hundreds of short film submissions, Latifah and her team are excited to debut two short films by newcomer directors B. Monét and Haley Elizabeth Anderson.

Their films Ballet After Dark and If There Is Light are now available on Hulu. As for what inspired the star to give back in this way, “The spark has been there for a long time in general, in terms of doing things that support women,” she says. “And lifting women up. I was raised like that and it’s just something that I’ve always incorporated it into everything I’ve done.”

It’s a short break from her own busy career, but she says there’s much on the horizon, including a highly anticipated sequel to her 2017 smash hit ensemble comedy Girl’s Trip.

“We are all in for Girls Trip 2,” she says of herself and cast mates Jada Pinkett-Smith, Tiffany Haddish and Regina Hall. “We’re just waiting for a script to be honest. Tiffany called me like two weeks ago like, ‘I know me, and you and Jada and Regina get in the room, we can write this script’,” she says with a laugh. “She’s talking like she doesn’t have a job. But we really want to make it happen as soon as possible.”

Still she’s looking forward to some upcoming downtime. What does Queen Latifah do to relax? “Lots of shagging, that’s about it,” she jokes. “In my dreams. No, lots of sleep. Also making music at my house. People come over and we just catch a vibe. Or hiking. I live in LA mostly so I get to hike up a little hill. Smell some fresh air. I like to just take things a day at a time.”

Queen Collective films Ballet After Dark and If There Is Light can be streamed exclusively on Hulu beginning April 27.