An HBO exec tells PEOPLE a follow-up film is "a likely possibility"

By Shawna Malcom
Updated July 11, 2008 11:10 AM
Credit: Nathan Strange/AP

Don’t put away those Manolos just yet!

HBO executives say they are “absolutely interested” in making follow-up to the hugely popular Sex and the City movie.

“Everybody came away feeling very excited by [the first film’s] quality and its success, so that always invites the possibility of a continuation,” HBO co-president Richard Plepler told PEOPLE Thursday after the network’s session at the Television Critics Association’s press tour.

Will it actually happen?

“It’s really up to [director] Michael Patrick [King] and Sarah Jessica [Parker] and the rest of the girls,” he said. “But do I think at some point in the next four to five years there’s a likely possibility? Yeah, I think there’s a likely possibility.”

Jennifer Hudson, for one, is ready to reprise her role.

A sequel is “not out of the question,” she told PEOPLE Thursday night at London’s Keep a Child Alive fund-raiser hosted by Alicia Keys. “I would love to be a part of that.”

What About The Sopranos?

SATC isn’t the only HBO show that could be coming soon to a theater near you.

During the HBO session, Plepler and fellow HBO exec Michael Lombardo also discussed the possibility of bringing The Sopranos to the big screen.

It would come down to “whatever David [Chase] wants to do,” Lombardo said of the series’ creator.

Chase has said in the past that it’s unlikely he’ll continue Tony’s saga. But an insider speculates there’s a “50-50” chance he’ll change his mind. “Should he want it, ” says the source, “it will happen.”

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