Pink Shirts and Burn Books! Everything You Need to Know About the 'Mean Girls' Broadway Musical

With Tina Fey overseeing the story and all of the movie's best moments making the cut, the Mean Girls musical is sure to delight fans

Mean Girls is coming to Broadway — and it’s totally fetch!

The iconic 2004 teen movie is making its debut on the Great White Way when it opens on Sunday after a few weeks of previews and a sold-out run in Washington D.C. last fall. With the film’s writer Tina Fey overseeing the story and all of the movie’s best moments making the cut, the adaptation’s sure to bring a smile to any Plastics-obsessed fan.

Read on for all we know about Mean Girls: The Musical.

Tina Fey wrote the book while her husband Jeff Richmond wrote the music

Mean Girls overlord Fey, who wrote the script for the movie, came back as writer for the musical, which means audiences are in store for some huge laughs. Fey has modernized the script a little and included and few topical jabs to pad out the high school story.

Fey kept it in the family for the rest of the show with her husband Jeff Richmond writing the music. These two are no strangers to collaborating. Richmond has penned original music for most of Fey’s projects and even wrote the deliciously infectious theme song to Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. They alive, dammit!

The cast of Mean Girls. Joan Marcus

Mean Girls


The plot is the same as the movie — but it’s been given a 2018 facelift

The characters all use smart phones — which hadn’t yet changed the world back in 2004 — and the story includes the use of social media. There is also a rousing moment in which Karen (played by Amanda Seyfried in the film) tells young boys not to spread nude pictures they’ve gotten from their female classmates, a topic parents of school-age children can surely relate to.

Don’t worry, most of your favorite lines from the film made the cut

“On October 3rd he asked me what day it was.” “I want my pink shirt back!” “On Wednesdays we wear pink.” “You can’t sit with us!”

Not to worry, diehard Mean Girls fans — all your favorite lines from the movie made the cut! While the musical draws a lot from the original telling, Fey also added a lot of new stuff to keep audiences surprised throughout the whole thing. And yes, the Burn Book also makes its triumphant and drama-filled return.

Joan Marcus

Mean Girls


The cast is totally fetch

Taking on the fan-favorite roles are some serious Broadway veterans. Erika Henningsen stars as the show’s lead Cady (played by Lindsay Lohan in the original) while Taylor Louderman takes on the role of Regina George (played by Rachel McAdams in the film). Both have previous experience on stage with Henningsen playing Fantine in Les Misérables and Louderman starring in the Bring it On! and Legally Blonde musicals.

They may be called Mean Girls, but the show’s all about women’s empowerment

“There’s a (new) wonderful scene in the musical where Regina tells Cady, ‘You don’t have to apologize for being a badass. You have to apologize when you tear somebody else down because of it. But you should never apologize for your worth and your strength,’ ” Henningsen told USA Today. “And that’s sort of been the new development of Tina’s message, of the show’s message for today.”

Mean Girls: The Musical opens on Broadway Sunday April 8.

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