Pierce Brosnan and Son Paris Discuss Plastic Waste Problem in PSA: 'We Are Facing a Planetary Crisis'

"The future is bioplastics," says Paris Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan and his son Paris Brosnan are encouraging steps to curb the global plastic waste crisis.

The Black Adam actor, 69, and his 21-year-old a filmmaker/environmental activist son star in a new video PSA in partnership with the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions. In it, the father-son duo draw attention to need for plastic waste management as part of a BRS Conventions campaign titled "Plastic is Forever… so it's time to get clever about managing it."

"We are facing a planetary crisis: climate change, air pollution, loss of biodiversity. Fossil fuel-based plastics contribute to all three environmental concerns," Pierce tells PEOPLE.

"Most single-use plastics are made utilizing fossil fuels (coal, petroleum or natural gas), and they are non-biodegradable. The future is bioplastics, which are bio-degradable and frequently made from corn, sugarcane, hemp and even plant-based oils," adds Paris. "Most plastic is denser than sea water, which is why it sinks to the bottom of the ocean where it breaks down into tiny pieces known as microplastics."

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Pierce Brosnan and Son Paris Discuss Plastic Waste Crisis in United Nations PSA
United Nations

What are the BRS Conventions? They are three multilateral environmental agreements administered by the United Nations Environment Programme, focused on protecting people and the environments from hazardous chemicals and wastes.

According to a press release, the Basel Convention is the only International Treaty that legally binds 189 countries in implementing strict controls for the transboundary movement of plastics. The Basel Convention Plastic Waste Amendments are a stepping stone toward forging an international legally binding agreement to end plastic pollution.

Rolph Payet, the executive secretary of the BRS Secretariat, said in a statement, "We wholeheartedly welcome the gracious contributions of Pierce Brosnan and Paris Brosnan to inform the general public about the constantly evolving state of the global plastic waste crisis and the tools we have at our disposal to address it. Hopefully, their millions of fans — including decision-makers — will be inspired by their message and engage in the minimization and management of plastic waste."

This doesn't mark the first time Pierce and Paris have teamed up to shine a light on things impacting the world. In 2021, Pierce's youngest son directed a short film documenting his 2019 trip to Sri Lanka that highlighted the partnership between Clarins x FEED. The collaboration focused on aiding support school meal programs all over the world with the mission to end childhood hunger.

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