Duke met with the real life Helen Keller in 1961.

Credit: Nina Leen/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty

The late Patty Duke was perhaps best known for her breakout role in The Miracle Worker, and after impressing critics and fans alike with her performance, she got to meet the inspiration behind the broadway play.

Duke met with the real life Helen Keller in 1961. The actress was just 15 at the time. In the photo, Duke is seen kneeling down next to Keller and grasping her hand.

The two sat down together before Duke went on to portray Keller in the film adaption of the play.

In the film, Duke played a young Keller, who was struggling to communicate after being left deaf and blind following a fever as a baby. As a last resort before institutionalizing Keller for her violent outbreaks, her parents hired half-blind Annie Sullivan.

Duke died on Tuesday, after a battle with sepsis that was a result of a ruptured intestine.

Duke’s son Sean Astin has said that his mother was “at peace” when she died.