Fireball Alert! 'Pete's Dragon' 's Bryce Dallas Howard Dishes on Working with Dragons in Funny Mockumentary

"We're talking a lot of hair," Bryce Dallas Howard quips of her mythical costar's fuzzy green coat. "It gets everywhere"

Photo: Disney

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to meet a dragon? Or work with one?

Wonder no more because thanks to the willing/cheeky participation of actress Bryce Dallas Howard and a few of her Pete's Dragon crew members, PEOPLE has an exclusive first look at an informative, tongue-in-cheek featurette that explains what it's really like working with a gigantic, unpredictable, mythical creature.

"He was magical, which is tricky," Howard says of her costar in the video piece titled "Behind the Wings." "He is a 20-foot-tall fuzzy green sometimes-invisible dragon."

That "fuzzy green" hair left quite a mark on cast and crew: "We're talking a lot of hair," Howard admits and is later shown accidentally eating a few strands. "It gets everywhere."

Howard continues to play it straight and even calls out her experience working with large reptiles in Jurassic World as the perfect prep for her new movie.

"It's not like this is the first time I've had to share space with a giant costar," she says calmly.

Still, the job has its hazards, as the clip wraps up to reveal some very fiery truths about working with such a hotshot costar.

Pete's Dragon opens Aug. 12.

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