'Peter Rabbit 2' Cast Answers Kids' Questions About Best Friends, Talking Animals and Prince Harry

James Corden, Rose Byrne, Domhnall Gleeson, Elizabeth Debicki and David Oyelowo take on the inquiries of young fans for PEOPLE

The all-star cast of Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway took questions from kids who can't wait to see the cotton-tailed critter's latest big-screen adventure.

James Corden, Rose Byrne, Domhnall Gleeson, Elizabeth Debicki and David Oyelowo all lend their talents to the sequel featuring the beloved children's character. They were happy to speak with Peter's biggest fans.

The films follow the mischievous exploits of the jacket-clad bunny (voiced by Corden) and his best animal friends, so four-year-old Madison wanted to know who the cast's best friends are.

For Corden, 42, it's his wife Julia, but he also pointed out that he has "got lots of really, really great friendships."

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Gleeson, 38, has known his best pal Ronan since he was seven years old, and considers him "the coolest guy in the world," while Debicki, 30, said her younger sister Catherine is hers because "she always understands what I'm trying to say and we like to do everything together."

The lovable Peter Rabbit is known to share a good laugh with his live-action owners (played by Byrne and Gleeson), and Johnny, 4, was curious who makes the A-list stars crack up the most.

For many of them, laughter starts at home, with Byrne, 41, revealing her young sons Rocco, 5, and Raphael, 3, are to blame.

"They're very funny and cheeky and mischievous, like Peter, and they make me laugh a lot," she said, while Oyelowo, 45, gets his laughs from one of his four-legged friends.

"I have a puppy called Maui who is 11 weeks old and he is incredibly funny," he explained. "He poops a lot and pees a lot, which isn't so funny, but he likes to nibble at my toes, which makes me laugh."

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Peter may be one of the most famous Brits for a certain age group, but Kersean, 9, wanted to know more about another prominent English figure: Prince Harry.

Asking Corden what the coolest thing about his royal friend is, the late night host brought up his humble manner, saying, "He doesn't make me call him Prince Harry. He just says, 'call me Harry,' and I think that's pretty cool."

The new sequel follows the garden-dwelling animals as they risk everything to venture out into the world, and eight-year-old Luca was anxious to find out about the cast's best childhood adventures.

"Any time I would go to work with my dad, who used to work at the Nigerian Airways," answered Oyelowo. "He worked around these big planes, he was my hero and I have a life-long love of planes as a result."

"Going on a really big ferry across the harbor in Sydney, Australia, where I grew up," added Byrne. "I remember it was very, very exciting."

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In the Peter Rabbit films, Gleeson's character is often seen having discussions with his favorite pet, and Gideon & Romy, both 6, asked the group if they believe their real-life animals can talk.

"I actually do think my pets can talk and I think the longer I'm around them, the more I know exactly what they're saying," Debicki admitted. "We're the silly ones who don't always know what they're saying."

Corden also shared the 'lost in translation' sentiment about his family's pet rabbit Lollipop, saying, "Lollipop can talk; Lollipop just can't talk the language that we necessarily talk."

"I do think they can understand everything that we're saying and I think they're always listening," he added with a laugh.

Byrne and Gleeson both had Border Collies growing up, but have very different opinions about their communication abilities.

"Even if she wasn't using words, she would give me a look or bark, she was always communicating. She was very smart," said Byrne.

"[Mine] was too stupid to talk. He would set himself on fire and run into bee's nests," piped in Gleeson.

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Meanwhile, Emily, 7, inquired about what animal each of the actors would be if they could, and the answers varied.

"Grizzly Bear," said Oyewolo. "They're really big and really strong, but when they sleep, they sleep for months on end, and I really like sleep"

Corden, however, decided on something much smaller: a penguin.

"They're my favorite animal, I think they're super cool, very cute," he said. "I love that they're up on land, waddling around. I also love that you can make your own slide wherever you are because they're so slippery on their tummies. I'd love to be able to do that!"

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway is now playing in theaters.

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