Pete Wentz Goes Amish for New Movie

The Fall Out Boy bassist and his band team up with Seth Green for the comedy, Sex Drive

Pete Wentz and his band Fall Out Boy are getting acquainted with the Amish. But there are no plans to trade their tour bus for a horse and carriage anytime soon.

That’s because the rockers are guest starring in Sex Drive, a teen comedy starring Seth Green which is filming in Belle Glade, Fla., reports. In the film, Wentz and his band’s tour bus breaks down, stranding the guys in the middle of Amish country. And that’s where Seth Green comes in. The actor – seen sporting a beard for the role –plays Ezekiel, who agrees to fix the band’s bus if they will perform at a party he’s throwing.

During a break in filming, Wentz joked with MTV News about Green’s faux-beard. “Seth grew this beard in a Petri dish,” he said. Responded Green: “It was actually cured from some of [Fall Out Boy guitarist] Joe’s [Trohman] private areas.”

The beard may not be authentic, but Green told MTV he’s devoted to portraying the Amish respectfully – well, sort of. “I want to make sure the Amish have a voice,” he quipped. Answered Wentz: “It’s very unofficial, right?”

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