PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive Michael B. Jordan Says He's Looking for Someone 'with a Sense of Humor'

"[An actor's] life is not conducive to a relationship—it's really not," PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive Michael B. Jordan says

Sexiest Man Alive Michael B. Jordan knows just what he's looking for when it comes to love.

The single actor, 33, who will next star as a former Navy SEAL-turned-CIA operative in Tom Clancy's Without Remorse, tells PEOPLE the personality traits he thinks are most important for a successful relationship include "a sense of humor, true understanding, because [an actor’s] life is not conducive to a relationship—it’s really not."

"Somebody that’s nurturing. I’ve got a list," he adds in this week's cover story. "That’s probably why my ass is still single, but yeah, it’s a list."

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Michael B Jordan
Michael B. Jordan. Joshua Kissi

As for that perfect date night, Jordan also has a clear vision of all that it would entail.

"The freedom to go wherever I wanted in public, not worry about paparazzi," he says. "Enjoy somebody’s company. Go for a drive, dope playlist. Drive somewhere just for dessert. I’m definitely a movie guy, and then I’d ride the vibe for the rest of the night."

Admired for his own chiseled physique, which he perfected to portray Apollo Creed’s son Adonis in 2015’s Creed and Black Panther’s ruthless villain Erik Killmonger in 2018, Jordan couldn't quite make up his mind when asked what parts of a woman's body he finds most sexy.

Michael B. Jordan
Barry Wetcher/Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures/Warner Bros. Pictures

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Michael B Jordan
Joshua Kissi

"Oh man, that’s tough," he says. "It’s like lips, teeth, mouth. I think I’ve paid more attention to eyes as of late, with these masks. I love a woman’s hips, thighs. Hands and feet. And what order you go, that’s a totally different question."

So does he see himself as a family man in the future? "Yes, I do," he insists. "Having people who are married around me, a running theme is 'You know when you know.' And it’s one of the most frustrating things to hear as somebody who’s single. I kind of thought I knew four or five times, and that didn’t really work out too well for me."

Now Jordan says he has "that faith that one day, yes, I want children. I want a wife. It’s kind of tough right now when I guess my first choice is always work. But having a family is definitely important."

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