'PAW Patrol: The Movie' Trailer! See Adorable Pups, Voiced by Kim Kardashian and More, in Action

The PAW Patrol is on a roll in the first official trailer for PAW Patrol: The Movie, which hits theaters and Paramount+ August 20

The fate of Adventure City is in these pups' paws!

Beloved cartoon pups Chase, Marshall, Sky, Rubble, Rocky and Zum are teaming up to save Adventure City from a cat-loving mayor in the first trailer for PAW Patrol: The Movie.

The trailer shows the popular team of puppies setting out to save nearby Adventure City from ruin after their biggest rival, Humdinger, becomes mayor of the city with an evil plan to destroy it.

Paw Patrol: The Movie
Paramount Pictures

"A dog?" A truck driver (voiced by Tyler Perry) says in bewilderment when Chase (Young Sheldon's Iain Armitage) ropes down to save him after his truck crashes over a bridge.

"Actually sir, I'm a puppy!" Chase corrects before the truck driver screams, "That's even worse!"

The ambitious pooches are shown saving citizens of the city before getting a call from a dachshund named Liberty (Marsai Martin), who warns the crew of Mayor Humdinger's plans to destroy the nearby town.

"C'mon pups! Adventure City is in trouble," Ryder exclaims before the heroic pups kick into high gear to face the challenge head on.

Once Mayor Humdinger launches a new machine that wreaks havoc on the city, the gang jumps into action to rescue the citizens of Adventure City.

The main Patrol crew in the film—which was directed by Cal Brunker, and co-written by Brunker, his filmmaking partner Bob Barlen, along with Billy Frolick—will be voiced by their original TV show cast members. Kim Kardashian, Jimmy Kimmel, Yara Shahidi, Randall Park, Ron Pardo, Will Brisbin and Dax Shepard join the cast of the original series in the new movie.

PAW Patrol: The Movie, featuring the song "Good Mood" by Adam Levine, hits theaters and Paramount+ on August 20.

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