Paula Patton on Kissing Tom Cruise in 'Mission Impossible' : 'He Had Amazing Breath'

The actress, 41, was asked about her all time favorite onscreen make-outs on today's episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan

Paula Patton isn’t afraid to kiss and tell.

The actress, 41, was asked about her all time favorite onscreen make-outs on today’s episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, and while she wasn’t read to crown a winner, she did offer some insights into what is like kissing a certain A-list action star.

Tom Cruise and Patton played love interests in 2011’s Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, and six years later, she still remembers what the actor’s breath was like.

“It’s not the best, but it was great,” she said of kissing Cruise. “I will tell you that the kiss from Tom Cruise was a surprise.”

She added, “He had amazing breath. It wasn’t minty. It was just perfect.”

Not only can Cruise impress actresses with perfect breath, he can also save their lives. Annabelle Wallis recently told PEOPLE that the actor pulled some real-life heroics on the set of The Mummy this year.

While filming a scene inside an airplane that was simulating zero gravity, Wallis got a parachute strap wrapped tightly around her neck. “I was like, ‘Oh my God! I’m stuck and the gravity is going to return and it’s going to choke me,’ ” she said.

“The plane was coming out of weightlessness about to hit gravity and I heard the countdown ‘5, 4, 3 …’ At three I said, ‘I’m stuck!’ and Tom was like, ‘Annabelle, don’t worry I got you,’ and he ran and freed me and we returned to earth and he’d saved my life. So I feel very indebted to him. It was literally around my neck choking me, then with two or three seconds left, there he was — the hero.”

Cruise’s latest film American Made hits theaters Sept. 29.

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