Paul Rudd stars in Netflix's Living With Yourself alongside Aisling Bea


Paul Rudd is a man of many talents!

The actor, 50, who is currently starring in Netflix’s Living With Yourself, recently appeared in a promo video for the new comedy series, where he showed off his incredible apple-splitting strength beside his costar, Aisling Bea.

The clip begins with the pair reminiscing on the very first time they met — which was clearly quite memorable for Bea, 35.

“Paul, do you remember our very first meeting? And the odd thing you did when I was leaving the room?” the actress asks her costar, to which he joked back, “Tell you how I didn’t think it went very well?”

After sharing a laugh, Bea reminds Rudd, “The other thing you did was half an apple straight in front of me, which would slowly become a metaphor for the show.”

“I want you to do it now,” she tells Rudd, as she displays a small green Granny Smith apple on her palm.

Taking the apple, Rudd struggles with his grip on the fruit and tells Bea, “This motherf— is a tight one,” before successfully splitting it in half, with nothing other than his bare hands.

“Oh my God, do you see?” Bea exclaims in disbelief while taking half of the apple to chomp down on. “Cheers, I’ve really enjoyed working with you!”

Unable to resist a cheesy line, Rudd responds, “Thank you. You know what? You’re the other half of my Granny Smith!”

paul rudd
Paul Rudd and Aisling Bea
| Credit: Paul Rudd/twitter

Rudd and Bea are currently starring in the new eight-episode series as husband and wife duo, Miles and Kate Elliot.

The storyline follows Miles as he undergoes a strange procedure at a strip mall spa that promises him a better life, only to wake up and find that he’s been replaced by a better version of himself, also played by Rudd.

Known primarily for his comedy chops, Rudd recently revealed in an interview that taking on a more dramatic role came with its set of challenges.

“It was an enormous amount of work,” the actor told The Know. “I figured it would be, but a lot of that work was going to be new, never-done-this-kind-of-thing-before. That’s exciting and it leads to lots of things you couldn’t have predicted.”

“Another challenge was time. We see these scenes from early episodes later on through the perspective of different characters, so keeping everything straight — let alone playing the two parts — had to be another kind of gradation,” he added. “We really relied on the script supervisor as well. It forced us to juggle our thoughts in different ways.”

Living With Yourself premiered on Netflix on Oct. 18 and is available to stream now.