7 Facts About Paul Rudd That Will Make You Love Him More

In honor of Paul Rudd being named PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive 2021, we’re rounding up fascinating facts about the actor

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There's a reason why Paul Rudd is so many people's celebrity crush — on top of being witty and charming, he's just an all-around fun guy.

PEOPLE's 2021 Sexiest Man Alive has been making hearts swoon since the '90s with iconic roles in Clueless and on Friends, but he's also provided quite a few laughs with roles in Wet Hot American Summer, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and Marvel's Ant-Man franchise.

Having been in the spotlight since such a young age, you may think you know everything there is to know about the 52-year-old actor, but there are a handful of few facts that aren't as widely known.

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In honor of our forever celebrity crush, we've rounding up some of the most fascinating facts about Rudd.

Paul Rudd actually auditioned for three other Clueless roles.

Though Rudd is beloved for his breakout role as Josh in Clueless, he also auditioned for Murray, Christian, and Elton. He previously told Entertainment Weekly that he was actually really drawn to the character of Christian, but the role ultimately went to Justin Walker.

paul rudd
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Paul Rudd grew up reading comics — but they weren't Marvel comics.

Though he eventually scored the role of Ant-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe later in life, he didn't actually read Marvel comics a lot growing up. Instead, he read Archie Comics and some British comics since his parents, Michael and Gloria, were both from London.

Paul Rudd knew Jon Hamm in college.

Rudd has a close group of celebrity friends, but he actually knew Mad Men actor Jon Hamm before he was famous. However, they didn't exactly hit it off right away as Rudd dated one of Hamm's exes.

"Jon and I knew each other back then, though we both sort of liked the same girl, so I was not so crazy about Jon," Rudd told Seth Meyers during an appearance on Late Night. Thankfully, the two eventually reconnected in L.A. later in life and became good friends.

Paul Rudd met his wife at his publicist's office.

Shortly after starring in Clueless, Rudd moved to New York and got a publicist. When he arrived at the publicist's office, he met his now-wife Julie Yaeger, who was working there at the time, he said in a Nylon Guys interview. A few days later, he asked her out for lunch and the rest is history. The two eventually tied the knot in 2003 and share two kids together, Darby and Jack. (See the funny way she reacted to his Sexiest Man Alive win here.)

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Paul Rudd owns a candy store.

On top of being one of our favorite actors, Rudd is also a business owner. After frequenting a store called Samuel's Sweet Shop in Rhinebeck, N.Y., Rudd decided to purchase the store after the previous owner died. Rudd isn't the only celebrity owner of the store either! It's also co-owned by The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan, One Tree Hill star Hilarie Burton, and Rudd's wife.

Paul Rudd looks up to Paul Newman.

During an interview with AARP, Rudd named Paul Newman as his role model, adding, "I loved him as an actor and he also happened to be the coolest man, somebody that gave so much to so many people, so charitable. He's the guy we should all try to emulate."

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Paul Rudd has his charm to thank for his role on Friends.

Casting director Leslie Litt previously revealed to The Huffington Post that Rudd was always "on a short list for the role of Mike" on Friends, but his "dreamy" quality helped set him apart. "We had a casting session for that role but no one was quite it," Litt said. "Paul agreed to do a one-time meet and read with Lisa [Kudrow]. All I wrote on my notes was 'dreamy'!"

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