Paul Dano is joining Robert Pattinson in the upcoming The Batman

By Alexia Fernández
October 17, 2019 04:35 PM

The Batman has found its villain.

Paul Dano has been cast in the role of Riddler, also named Edward Nashton, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The character becomes one of Batman’s greatest foes in the comic books.

Jim Carrey previously played Riddler in 1995’s Batman Forever opposite Val Kilmer, Chris O’Donnell, Nicole Kidman, Tommy Lee Jones and Drew Barrymore.

Dano, 35, joins an already A-list cast. Robert Pattinson was cast in the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman in May. Zoë Kravitz was announced to star as Selina Kyle/Catwoman earlier this week.

Jonah Hill was previously in talks to star in The Batman, with a rumored role of either The Penguin or Riddler, according to Variety. He ultimately passed on the roles, the outlet reported.

In October, Pattinson revealed he wasn’t sure how he managed to nab the role of the caped crusader, telling Esquire, “It’s kind of insane.”

Paul Dano
Paul Dano
| Credit: Paul Archuleta/WireImage

“I was so far away from ever thinking it was a realistic prospect. I literally do not understand how I’ve got it, at all,” he said.

Pattinson has already tried on the iconic costume, telling Variety previously the experience was “transformative.

“You do feel very powerful immediately,” he said. “And it’s pretty astonishing, something that is incredibly difficult to get into, so the ritual of getting into it is pretty humiliating. You’ve got five people trying to shove you into something. Once you’ve got it on, it’s like, ‘Yeah, I feel strong, I feel tough, even though I had to have someone squeezing my butt cheeks into the legs.”

Pattinson added, “You’re trying to think of the way to balance, how to bring something new to it and not want to scare people off. And work in the confines of the costume.”

The Batman is scheduled for release on June 2021.