A Reddit user resurfaced old photos of Stewart dressed as a woman last year to promote his sitcom Blunt Talk

By Stephanie Petit
March 28, 2017 01:13 PM
Patrick Stewart/Twitter; Mark Wilson/Getty

Step aside, Kate McKinnon.

Fans are calling for Patrick Stewart to play Kellyanne Conway on Saturday Night Live after photos of the actor in drag drew comparisons to President Donald Trump‘s adviser.

A Reddit user resurfaced old photos of Stewart dressed as a woman last year to promote his sitcom Blunt Talk, donning a long blonde wig, fake eyelashes and a pink ensemble. “Sir Patrick Stewart in drag looks a lot like Kellyanne Conway,” they observed, to the agreement of thousands.

Others realized that even Google had trouble differentiating between the two: a reverse image search for Stewart’s female persona yielded Conway in the results.

“When google can’t tell the difference between Kelly Anne and Patrick Stewart,” one Twitter user wrote with a slew of laughing with tears emoji.

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It wasn’t long before fans called for Stewart to join the other celebrities who have mocked Trump’s administration on SNL.

Alec Baldwin has been a consistent presence on the sketch show playing the commander-in-chief, while Melissa McCarthy has done guest appearances as Press Secretary Sean Spicer and cast member McKinnon has portrayed Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Stewart may very well join the roasting. Earlier this month, the British actor announced during an episode of The View that he planned to become an American citizen to fight Trump.

“I am now applying for citizenship. Because I want to be an American too,” Stewart said. “All of my friends in Washington said, ‘There is one thing you can do. Fight, fight, oppose, oppose.'”

The actor, 75, was compared to Helen Mirren when he debuted his drag look in Los Angeles last April.

“Something is happening in Hollywood tonight. #blunttalkseason2,” Stewart captioned an Instagram picture of himself getting dolled up for the event.

“Glorious. Well done sir. Helen Mirren, amirite?” one tweeter wrote.

Another Twitter user quipped, “channeling Helen Mirren there.”