Patrick Schwarzenegger Shares Uplifting Grocery Store Experience amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Patrick Schwarzenegger advised his 1.3 million Instagram followers to reach out to others

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Patrick Schwarzenegger is sharing a sweet story to uplift as coronavirus fears sweep the world.

While out shopping in what he said was his third supermarket trip of the morning, Schwarzenegger, 26, shared that a stranger offered him some toilet paper after taking the last few rolls.

Documenting the encounter on his Instagram account, Schwarzenegger shared, “This girl strolls by with her cart and she goes, ‘Are you looking for toilet paper?’ I go, ‘Yeah, I actually am.’ She goes, ‘I just grabbed the last two a few minutes ago. Would you like one of mine? I’d rather you have one and I get one than you have nothing,'”

Though the son of Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger allowed the generous shopper to keep both packages, he recalled, “I stood there after and felt, ‘Wow. That was a real feel good moment that this girl was willing to do that and wanting to do that.'”

The kind interaction prompted Schwarzenegger to share the experience with his followers in hopes that it would inspire them to do some good as well.

“It just got me thinking of little acts of kindness and how in such a weird time like right now, how us as Americans and us as a nation, as neighbors, as humans, can really come together to help one another,” he shared. “We really find ways to help each other.”

He added, “I have friends that have been sent home from work. I know that there are a lot of hard working Americans that don’t even know if they will have work in the next few weeks and months. It’s a weird time for everybody so we really don’t know what people are going through and that’s the message here.”

The Scream Queens star advised his 1.3 million Instagram followers to reach out to loved ones to see how they are doing.

“Ask if you can do anything for them because we don’t really know what people are going through,” he shared. “We’re all in this together.”

As coronavirus concerns continue to spread throughout the world, many are visiting their local grocery stores hoping to buy necessities like water and food along with toiletries and other various items.

As of Friday morning, there were about 1,660 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the U.S. and 41 deaths, most of them in Washington state. Worldwide, there were about 137,000 confirmed cases and 5,000 deaths, most of them in China.

To prevent the spread of the virus, the CDC encourages maintaining basic forms of hygiene including careful hand washing, avoiding touching the face, moving away from people who are coughing or sneezing and staying home at signs of illness.

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