Patrick Schwarzenegger Recalls Being 'Scared' of His Dad Arnold as Mr. Freeze in 'Batman & Robin'

Patrick Schwarzengger wasn't exactly left with warm memories from visiting dad Arnold on the set of Batman & Robin

Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s oldest son Patrick was a little traumatized after visiting his dad on the 1997 Batman & Robin set.

The 26-yer-old actor, who stars in the upcoming Daniel Isn’t Real, gave an interview to Variety where he admitted to being scared when he saw Arnold, 72, as the villain Mr. Freeze. Arnold shares Patrick with ex-wife Maria Shriver, 63.

“I was super young,” he recalled to the outlet. “But I have these brief memories of my dad going in and becoming Mr. Freeze. And him going in as dad and coming out as this big, blue, bald guy. I have photos of me with him and my mom, and I’m, like, creepily staring at him, like I’m scared and I don’t know who he is. I think I was scared of him.”

Patrick isn’t the only Schwarzenegger child who was spooked by one of Arnold’s roles while visiting him on set. Last month, the actor’s oldest daughter Katherine shared a series of sweet throwback pictures to celebrate Arnold’s new Terminator movie Dark Fate.

Patrick Schwarzenegger and Arnold as Mr.Freeze
Taylor Hill/FilmMagic; Warner Bros/Kobal/Shutterstock

In the Instagram post, Katherine, 29, pointed to a shot of her as a toddler being held by Arnold while his face is covered in bloody prosthetics as the Terminator. And she admitted to being scared by it as a child.

“Went to opening night of Terminator last night and yes, I cried, but this time it was not out of fear that my dads face was going to stay bloody and metal (you can imagine me processing this at a young age), I cried this time because the movie is SO GOOD and I am SO proud of my dad! Go make weekend plans to see it!” Katherine wrote alongside the shot.

The rest of the photos show Arnold and Katherine on different sets, and one even includes her mom Shriver.

Katherine’s new husband Chris Pratt, 40, also posted about the outing, with a sweet caption of how moved he was watching his wife see her father on screen back as his most iconic role.

“Watched Terminator: Dark Fate tonight. So surreal to look over at my wife as she watches her dad, @schwarzenegger reprise his role as the baddest robot on the planet, tears streaming down her face, hanging on the edge of her seat. Priceless. Way to go Arnold! The movie is fantastic! I’m calling you Carl now,” Pratt wrote.

Pratt and Katherine married on June 8 at the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, California after a year of dating, and jetted off on a Hawaiian honeymoon two weeks later.

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