Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger are spending their first Thanksgiving as a married couple with her mother, Maria Shriver


Patrick Schwarzenegger is looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with his new brother-in-law!

The actor, 26, opened up about his upcoming family holiday plans with Chris Pratt and sister Katherine Schwarzenegger in an interview with Entertainment Tonight while at Sunday’s American Music Awards.

“He can eat a lot,” Schwarzenegger said of the Avengers: Endgame star. “Me and Chris go at it at the desserts. He’s a foodie. We both have the sweet tooth.”

Schwarzenegger also said he was looking forward to celebrating at his mother Maria Shriver‘s house.

“Thanksgiving at our place is great. On Wednesday, we always go to the church and do, like, a Thanksgiving meal there for people and then Thursday we’ll do Thanksgiving at my mom’s,” he said.

Patrick Schwarzenegger; Chris Pratt
| Credit: Image Group LA/Getty Images; Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

He added, “We always do a football game in the morning and then come back and eat all day, watch football like everybody else.”

The couple married on June 8 at the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, California after a year of dating and jetted off on a Hawaiian honeymoon two weeks later.

Shriver, 64, confirmed in October that her daughter, Katherine and Pratt, 40, would be celebrating Thanksgiving at her home alongside her other children with ex-husband Arnold Schwarzenegger, including Christina, 28, and Chris, 22.

The Guardians of the Galaxy actor has also already won his mother-in-law over when it comes to food.

“He is an incredible cook, actually,” Shriver told PEOPLE of Pratt.

Of her plans, she said, “We always go and serve food at the church. We have football, they are watching sports, and then we always do a gratitude prayer. We talk about what we are grateful for. I think it is a really deeply connected holiday. It is not immersed in who is getting what and all of that, which is what I love about it. It’s just kind of deeper and quieter and people are talking and connecting. They are connecting with the sports and they are connecting with the food.”

Earlier this month, Katherine took the time to appreciate what she is most thankful for in an Instagram post that featured Pratt riding on a bike through a park.

“Coming up on Thanksgiving week and feeling so thankful and excited to be with my family and loved ones. I know this week comes with a lot of mixed feelings for people about returning home, traveling and missing loved ones,” Katherine wrote in the caption. “Everyone needs a little extra love as they navigate their way through this time.”

She continued, “This holiday is my second favorite holiday (Christmas has my # 1 spot) and I love the message around this holiday of being thankful, but also gathering together with your friends, family and those who don’t have a place to go. My mom has always done a great job opening her home and dinner table to everyone. So maybe this week start thinking each day for something or someone you’re thankful for, and tell them.”

“Today, I am grateful for this bike ride with my wonderful husband and seeing the colors of the fall leaves. While we were riding our bikes, he said let’s give out real honest compliments to people we pass and see what happens,” she added. “We did, and not only did random compliments surprise people on the bike path, they also made us feel good. This also reminded me how thankful I am to be married to someone who thinks of kind ways to make the world a better place. Happy Saturday ♥️ ??.”