'Parent Trap'' s Elaine Hendrix Recalls 'Tremendous Chemistry' with Dennis Quaid Despite Age Gap

Elaine Hendrix spoke about the age gap between her and Dennis Quaid during the filming of The Parent Trap for the film's 23rd anniversary

The Parent Trap
Dennis Quaid and Elaine Hendrix in The Parent Trap. Photo: Everett (2)

Elaine Hendrix and Dennis Quaid didn't have to work too hard to establish their onscreen connection while filming The Parent Trap.

In honor of the film's 23rd anniversary, Hendrix, 50, spoke to Insider about working with Quaid on the beloved family comedy, saying that the two hit it off right from the bat.

"I thought we had tremendous chemistry," Hendrix said of Quaid.

Like her character Meredith Blake, Hendrix was 26 years old when filming for the movie began, while Quaid was 44 — 18 years her senior.

Discussing their dynamic, Hendrix laughed and said, "He's just such a guy."

"One of the generalized differences between men and women is that boys mature later and girls mature earlier. So I think I was sort of an older 26," she reflected, adding Quaid was a "younger" 44. "I think it worked well."

The Parent Trap
Natasha Richardson, Lindsay Lohan and Dennis Quaid in The Parent Trap. Disney/Kobal/Shutterstock

"Clearly, Meredith Blake is not an average 26-year-old," she said of her character, who stood out thanks to her red convertible, designer clothes and engagement to a vineyard owner. "All of that I couldn't relate to. But how together she was and how ambitious she was—that I could definitely relate to."

The age gap between their characters was also something thought out by screenwriters David Swift, Charles Shyer, and Nancy Meyers (who also served as the film's director).

"The character had to be close enough to the twins' age but not so close that it was like, 'Oh, this is really creepy,' " Hendrix said.

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The gap between their ages would go on to reflect Quaid's real life. In 2019, the actor became engaged to Laura Savoie, who is 39 years younger than him.

Hendrix jokingly tweeted, "Watch out for those twins," when the news of their engagement broke.

The tweet was a callback to the premise of The Parent Trap: twin girls separated at birth by their divorcing parents meet each other at a summer camp and plot to get their parents back together.

Quaid and Savoie eloped on June 2, 2020 in Santa Barbara.

"Just looking into her eyes, she was the most stunning bride," the actor told PEOPLE at the time.

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