Paradise Hills hits theaters November 1

One person’s paradise is another’s nightmare.

The official trailer for the upcoming thriller Paradise Hills dropped on Monday, throwing viewers onto an island called “Paradise” with Emma Roberts (Uma), who wakes up to find herself in its mysterious utopia.

As she discovers her new surroundings, she desperately asks “What is this place?”

“This is an opportunity, Uma,” Milla Jovovich’s character, The Duchess, tells Roberts. What Roberts soon realizes is that this “opportunity” is something far more sinister.

“Our families sent us here to shape us in their image,” Roberts says in the trailer.

The island is a school where families can send their daughters to mold them into proper women — or to “learn your place,” as Jovovich’s character tells Roberts, who tries to twist the residents’ perception of who they truly are.

Credit: Samuel Goldwyn Films

Once Roberts realizes the true nature of the island, her mission becomes to escape.

The trailer dramatically ends with chilling images of Roberts running, and a horrified scream.

The film, from director Alice Waddington, also stars Eliza Gonzalez (Amarna) and Awkwafina (Yu), both seen in the trailer as well.

Paradise Hills hits theaters November 1.