Video Supercut Reveals a Cornerstone of Owen Wilson's Acting Career: Stuttering

A fan video shows a verbal tic that has made its way into many of the actor's most famous performances

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage

Since making his debut in 1996’s Bottle Rocket, Owen Wilson has been performing in both comedies and dramas. However, there’s a certain factor that unites the two sides of the actor’s career.

He stutters.

A fan-made supercut shows how Wilson, 46, has been temporarily at a loss for words in movies as diverse as Shanghai Noon and Midnight in Paris.

The video’s creator is careful to point out that in making the supercut, they were only celebrating a verbal tic that has endeared the actor to audiences. “Sometimes Owen Wilson has trouble saying anything at all,” reads the video’s description on YouTube. “This is a celebration of Owen Wilson. We love him and just want a hug from him.”

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Of course, Wilson not the only actor to feature a certain mannerism again and again in his acting. Earlier this year, Slate pointed out that Terrence Howard has a tendency to speak in a “warble voice” during scenes fraught with emotion. And on Monday, a fan put together a supercut of a recurrent theme in the work of actor Jason Statham: punches.

It’s not quite the same, but in case anyone’s curious, he’s thrown 264 punches onscreen to date.

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