The Internet Freaked Out About Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's 'Shallow' Performance: Check Out the Best Reactions

Twitter had all sorts of thoughts about the pair's emotional rendition of their A Star Is Born hit

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper fans are going off the deep end over the pair’s emotional performance of the winning song “Shallow” from A Star Is Born during Sunday night’s 91st Academy Awards.

Gaga and Cooper walked hand-in-hand to the stage from their front-row seats in the Dolby Theatre, and the pair looked into each other’s eyes as they began the stripped-down take on the track, with Cooper serenading Gaga from a stool as she took to the piano. He then joined the pop star on the piano bench, where they finished the performance singing affectionately cheek-to-cheek, gazing into each other’s eyes.



Gaga and Cooper’s chemistry was palpable as they smiled and hugged as they walked off the stage.

Fans who’ve long been enamored by the costars’ on- and off-screen chemistry were thrilled by the passionate performance, which prompted longtime Gaga-Bradley shippers to share their enthusiasm for the show-stealing duet on social media — even though Cooper’s longtime girlfriend Irina Shayk was sitting feet away in the front row (and led the standing ovation).

Backstage immediately after their performance, Cooper and Gaga hugged and were met with a swarm of clapping, well-wishing production staff.

“Did I nail it?” asked Gaga. Taking in the congratulations, she looked at Cooper — who’d previously admitted he was nervous about their performance — and said, “I’m so f—ing proud of you!”



With only a few seconds to get back to their seats, a handler disengaged Gaga from the mic-pack attached to the back of her dress — and Cooper and Gaga made their way back to their seats via the stage.

During the commercial break following their duet, the pair came out arm-in-arm to huge cheers and another standing ovation from the entire house. Cooper kissed and hugged girlfriend Shayk when he got back to his seat, and the model happily congratulated Gaga, too.

“Shallow” won the award for Best Original Song while A Star Is Born — which Cooper co-wrote and directed — earned a nomination for Best Picture. Gaga, 32, and Cooper, 44, also earned acting nods for their starring roles, though neither won.

Gaga recently split from fiancé Christian Carino, and in her acceptance speech for Best Original Song, thanked her date for the night, her sister Natali Germanotta. In addition to Shayk, Cooper brought his mother, Gloria Campano.


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