March 04, 2018 08:52 PM

New goal for all 2018 Academy Award winners? Give the shortest speech and drive off in a jet ski.

Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel jokingly revealed during his monologue that the winner who gives the shortest acceptance speech can win a jet ski — and he got actress Helen Mirren to show off the prize like one of Barker’s Beauties.

“If you do get an Oscar tonight we want you to give a speech and we want you to say whatever you feel needs to be said. Speak from the heart. We want passion. You have an opportunity and a platform to remind millions of people about important things like equal rights and equal treatment. If you want to encourage others to join the amazing students at Parkland at their march on the 24th do that,” Kimmel said.

“But with that said, this is a really long show. So here’s what we’re going to do. Not saying you shouldn’t give a long speech but, whoever gives the shortest speech tonight will go home with, Johnny tell them what they’ll win. It’s a brand new jet ski!”

Mirren and the bright green jet ski were hidden in the back of the Dolby Theatre stage, and she gamely did all the requisite Price is Right arm gestures as it sat on display.

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Helen Mirren
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And Kimmel claims that the jet ski WILL go out to one lucky (double) winner.

“This is not a joke. I will be timing you. I have a stopwatch,” he said. “The moment you are handed that Oscar, the clock will start ticking. So get up here, grab it, and go.”

Kimmel added that if two people manage to give speeches of the same length, it’s too bad for them, because the 88-year-old Christopher Plummer gets to claim the jet ski for himself.

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The 2018 Oscars were held at the Dolby Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center on March 4 and were telecast live on ABC.

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