Orlando Bloom Says He Turned Down 'Saturday Night Live' Because of His Dyslexia, 'Feeling Insecure'

Orlando Bloom also cited his international film fame as a reason he turned down the offer

Orlando Bloom is opening up about his past decision to turn down an appearance on Saturday Night Live.

In an interview on The Howard Stern Show last week, the Carnival Row actor, 42, explained that he opted not to host the NBC comedy sketch series because he felt “really insecure at the time,” citing his dyslexia and the pressure of the international fame he earned from the Pirates of the Caribbean and The Lord of the Rings films.

“I was just like, partly my dyslexia, partly like that window of time where I couldn’t even … think straight and see the wood through the trees,” he explained to host Howard Stern. “I would love to [host] Saturday Night Live now.”

When Stern, 65, made the point that hosts on SNL read off cue cards, Bloom agreed that the job would’ve been difficult for him.

“You’ve got to read and then also … I didn’t have perspective,” Bloom said, adding that the offer to appear came during the time of the third Pirates of the Caribbean film, which was released in 2007.

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“It’s like you’re in a burning car,” the actor continued. “When you’re in our business, you get into this burning car … and it’s like … you’re in the car and you’re like, ‘Wow, look at this, they love it.’ Then you go, ‘F— it’s hot. How the f— … I’ve got to get out of this burning car.’ The reality is you have to be able to get into the burning car, know that you’re getting into a burning car, put the suit on, have all this gel so you don’t get hot and burned. ‘Yeah, I’m driving this burning car!’ ”

“Then you have to get out of the burning car, make sure you’ve got a support team to make sure that you’re safe and happy,” added Bloom. “Then you go, ‘Ok, cool, I’ll get back into the burning car when I do.’ ”

However, Bloom said that since his decision to turn down the offer, he’s gained a lot of perspective.

“You only really live and enjoy this life, this craziness that we’re doing if you can, related to what’s really happening in your life and the everyday things that make you happy,” he explained. “And if you completely disassociate from those things, then you’re lost, in my mind.”

“I was in a burning car and I just didn’t know how to get out and I couldn’t do Saturday Night Live,” he said.

But if SNL were to call the actor today, his decision would be much different: “Oh, in a heartbeat,” he told Stern. “I’d love to.”

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Last month, the actor — who is engaged to singer Katy Perry — spoke about the difficulties of his early fame, explaining to the Radio Times that he felt he was “under a giant magnifying glass.”

“I was Legolas for three movies and Will Turner for three movies and while I did other things, they were all in between those massive movies,” he said of his more famous roles.

Despite struggling with the added scrutiny, Bloom said he’s reached a place where he feels more at home.

“Through my 20s and into my early 30s I was never in one place for more than six months,” he said. “But in my heart, I feel very British.”

Bloom added to Radio Times, “I miss the humor, the turn of phrase, the way we interact, the way in which you can be vocal about things.”

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