Original 'Suicide Squad' Director Says the Studio Cut Is 'Not My Movie' After New Film Earns Praise

“I put my life into Suicide Squad. I made something amazing,” David Ayer wrote of his 2016 film

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Suicide Squad director David Ayer is speaking out about his 2016 movie following the praise earned by James Gunn's latest film in the franchise.

Ayer, 53, penned a letter about directing 2016's Suicide Squad in response to movie critic Tim Grierson's tweet about watching Gunn's version of the famous comic book story.

"Many times while watching the new movie, I thought, 'Yeah, David Ayer should just abandon the idea of that director's cut,' " Grierson tweeted on Thursday.

Ayer responded in a tweet that read, "My Turn," writing, "I put my life into Suicide Squad. I made something amazing. My cut is [an] intricate and emotional journey with some bad people who are s--- on and discarded (a theme that resonates in my soul)."

"The studio cut it [sic] not my movie," Ayer continued. "Read that again. And my cut is not the 10 week director's cut—it's a fully mature edit by Lee Smith standing on the incredible work by John Gilroy. It's all Steven Price's brilliant score, with not a single radio song in the whole thing."

A spokesperson for Warner Bros. did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.

He added that his version of the film "has traditional character arcs, amazing performances, a solid third-act resolution" and that only "a handful of people have seen it."

The director (End of Watch, Fury) said he didn't "have any quit in me," writing, "And why should I? Every day breathing is a gift."

"I've never told my side of the story and I never will. Why? Same reason no one will ever know what happened on my submarine. I keep my covenants. I'm old school like that. So I kept my mouth shut and took the tsunami of sometimes shockingly personal criticism," Ayer wrote. "Why? That's what I've done my whole life. Real talk I'd rather get shot at."

Ayer also praised Gunn and The Suicide Squad, out on Aug. 6, writing, "I'm so proud of James and excited for the success that's coming."

James Gunn
James Gunn's The Suicide Squad. James Gunn/instagram

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"I support WB and am thrilled the franchise is getting the legs it needs," Ayer wrote. "I'm rooting for everyone, the cast, the crew. Every movie is a miracle. And James' brilliant work will be the miracles of miracles."

Ayer added, "I appreciate your patience. I will no longer speak publicly on this matter."

The 2016 film earned $746.8 million at the worldwide box office but received mixed reactions from critics at the time of its release. The film has a 59 percent audience score and a 26 percent Tomatometer from 386 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

By contrast, Gunn's The Suicide Squad has received a 97 percent Tomatometer score, with critics calling it "the most fun and least depressing superhero movie in a very long time."

The new film sees the return of 2016's cast members Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Viola Davis' Amanda Waller.

The film also stars John Cena, Idris Elba, Pete Davidson, Joel Kinnaman, Alice Braga, Sylvester Stallone and Nathan Fillion.

The Suicide Squad is in movie theaters on Aug. 6.

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