What Would Oprah Do? Winfrey and Best Friend Gayle King Give Relationship Advice in New Series

Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King are imparting their best advice in a new series

What could be better than receiving advice directly from Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King?

Winfrey’s O Magazine gave PEOPLE an exclusive first look of the two best friends coming together for a new video series on OprahMag.com called The Oprah Gayle Chronicles in which they answer real questions from O, The Oprah Magazine readers about their everyday issues.

Winfrey and King, both 64, touch on relationship advice in the first episode How to Win the Dating Game and get real about sharing passcodes with significant others and whether they think you should sleep with someone on the first date.

“We cannot promise any miracles — there are none — but we can promise some opinions,” Winfrey said in the clip.

When the duo answers a fan question about how to spice up a longterm relationship, the former talk show host revealed she’s tried “the whole negligee thing” to disappointing results.

“I’m standing on the stairs when [Stedman Graham, her partner] walks in and he literally comes in [and] walks right past me and goes, ‘What are you doing?'” Winfrey said of her failed attempt at seduction.

King added her own story, explaining she had tried to seduce former husband William Bumpus.

“I got one better. [I] wrapped myself up in saran wrap when I was married, put on the trench coat and when he walked in, I went, ‘Ta-da!'” she said while mimicking opening her coat. “He went, ‘What is that?’ So that’s not good for your ego.”

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Winfrey shared that she’d discovered what works for her — baking.

“For me, I gotta say making cornbread kinda serves the purpose,” she said, laughing. “I made some cornbread yesterday and you would have thought I stripped myself naked. Like, a little cornbread and black-eyed peas goes a long way in my house!”

When it comes to sleeping with someone on the first date, both friends adamantly said, “No!”

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“Are we old?” King asked Winfrey, who replied, “No. Well, we are old, but no.”

The CBS This Morning host said, “Why buy the cow when he can get the milk for free? Not that we’re cows but I just think it changes the dynamic if you sleep with them on the first date.”

“We sound very old,” Winfrey lamented.

King replied, “That’s okay, we’re not old we’re just experienced.”

The Oprah Gayle Chronicles launches on OprahMag.com on Wednesday.

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