The store rents movie on DVD and Blu-ray as well as video games

By Claudia Harmata
March 07, 2019 04:59 PM

There’s soon to be only one Blockbuster store left in the world — and it plans to stay open.

As The New York Times reports, the last remaining Blockbuster will soon be found in Bend, Oregon, which first opened in 2000 and is managed by Sandi Harding, who isn’t phased by the sad fact.

“It’s almost re-energized us, that we’re the last one,” Harding told the NYT. “They treat us like celebrities.”

The store rents movie on DVD and Blu-ray as well as video games.

The formerly popular video rental chain has been forced to shut down its stores across the country due to the popularity of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

On Thursday, the second-to-last Blockbuster — located in Western Australia — will stop renting videos before officially closing on March 31.

Haring told TODAY she was “pretty surprised” upon learning her Blockbuster would be the last one standing. “We were excited for us and sad for them, of course. It’s one of those win-lose situations,” she said.

Credit: Ryan Brennecke/The Bulletin via AP

The final Bend location is already becoming a sort of tourist attraction, reports the NYT. Harding told the news outlet that the store signs up new accounts each day, many of them tourists who travel to visit the last Blockbuster. According to TODAY, the store has about 4,000 customers with paid memberships.

It became the last store in America in July following the closing of a location in Alaska.

Credit: Ryan Brennecke/The Bulletin via AP

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver revealed last April he had purchased several items from Russell Crowe’s divorce auction with the intention of sending them to Alaska’s lone Blockbuster. The host said that he hoped the store could display the items in the way Planet Hollywood restaurants use old props to draw customers in.

As TODAY reports, the Bend location inherited the items after the Alaska store closed.