Olivia Wilde asked her Instagram followers to show compassion towards refugees on Tuesday
Credit: Instagram

Olivia Wilde is slamming Donald Trump after meeting with Syrian children effected by the refugee crisis.

The Vinyl star, who is an artist ambassador for infant, child and maternal health at Save the Children, took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a photo of a striking young Syrian girl. In her caption, she pleaded with her followers to show compassion towards refugees.

“Next time you hear someone, maybe even a loser named Donald Trump, say all Syrian refugees should be rejected and suspected, think of this face,” she wrote. “These kids deserve our compassion and activism. Donald Trump wouldn’t survive 5 minutes in her reality.”

In another photo shared at the same time, Wilde posed with a group of women at the Za’atari refugee camp. “The lovely Syrian girls in the @savethechildren healing-through-arts program at the Za’atari refugee camp were kind enough to attempt to teach me how to sew,” the actress wrote. “I left them with a new perspective on failure, as well as the human capacity to sweat. #Zaatari”

Save the Children is a non-governmental organization that provides aid and support to children in the U.S. and developing countries around the world. In 2014, the organization provided aid to more than 166 million kids.

“I felt very connected to the international mothering community throughout my own pregnancy and the birth of my son,” Wilde said at Variety’s third annual unite4:humanity event in February. “And I realized I had won the lottery, so to speak, and how lucky we are to not be terrified of our child dying at birth or dying within the first three months of life.”

According to Variety, Wilde was introduced to the non-profit through her friend and organization board member Jennifer Garner. “Every time I could take my son to the pediatrician it became clear to me that I was the luckiest person on earth,” Wilde said at the event. “And I wanted to take that good fortune and continue to be active in that arena.”