Director Bryan Singer announced Munn will be playing psychic superhero Psylocke in the new X-Men film

Credit: FameFlynet

A familiar face will be joining Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender in the upcoming X-Men: ApocalypseOlivia Munn.

Director Bryan Singer, 49, Tweeted on Monday that Munn would be playing Psylocke, a superhero who fights with psychic powers, ninja skills and flashy purple swords she creates with her mind. “Excited to welcome @oliviamunn as Betsy Braddock!” Singer Tweeted along with a link to an Instagram photo of Munn.

Munn, 34, is not new to the Marvel superhero movies. She previously played reporter Chess Roberts in Iron Man 2.

Psylocke’s character has undergone drastic changes over the course of the X-Men comics. Originally a supporting character to her twin brother, Captain Britain, she wielded butterfly-themed powers until Marvel had her switch bodies with Kwannon, a Japanese assassin. It’s not clear which version Munn will play.

The character appeared in a small role in X-Men: The Last Stand, played by actress Meiling Melançon.

In addition to Munn, X-Men: Apocalypse will feature fellow newcomers Sophie Turner as Jean Grey and Ben Hardy as Angel. Fassbender, James McAvoy, Evan Peters, Nicholas Hoult, Rose Byrne and Ian McKellan each reprise their roles from previous X-Men movies. It’s not yet known if Hugh Jackman will be reprising the role of Wolverine in this outing, and Lawrence has said that Apocalypse will be her last turn as the shapeshifting Mystique.

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