Oliver Hudson on Growing Up in a Family That Embraced Nudity: 'We're Just Naked People'

"It comes from growing up in a very open family," Hudson tells PEOPLE in this week's Sexiest Man Alive issue, now on newsstands

Oliver Hudson isn't shy about his body.

The actor, who is featured in this week's PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive issue, opens up about sharing photos and videos of himself in the nude on Instagram.

Hudson, whose sister is Kate Hudson, and whose parents are Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, says he credits his family environment growing up for being so comfortable in his own skin.

"It comes from growing up in a very open family, honestly," he says. "Nudity has never been taboo. We were all born naked and it's the way it is."

"Even now with my kids, we're just naked people. That's just the way it is," he adds. "I'm definitely comfortable with it."

In September, Hudson posted a funny video of himself running away in the snow from the camera in the nude. The video, he says, was initially taken down by Instagram but that didn't deter the actor and Sibling Revelry podcast host from posting it again.

"I had my son filming it. The behind-the-scenes of that Instagram post is amazing because I'm upset with him because he's not getting it right," he says. "It's really funny. Instagram took it down and I'm, 'What is going on?' And I decided to just look up what Instagram is, and what it does and the amount of photos that are on Instagram that are far more salacious than what I put out, are up. But then I re-posted it. I re-posted it because I was, 'Come on you guys, what, really?' And so we'll see what happens."

Last October, Hudson hilariously objected to Ryan Reynolds' Sexiest Dad Alive cover for PEOPLE on Instagram.

"Couple a comments.. First of all no one told me this contest was going on so I was unable to enter and I would of crushed him," Hudson captioned a photo of the Reynolds magazine cover. "Secondly he dated my wife for 6 months back in the day.. so there's that too.."

That same month, the actor got candid about trying cosmetic treatments with dermatologist Dr. Jason Diamond in an episode of his podcast with his sister Kate, Sibling Revelry.

oliver Hudson
Oliver Hudson. yu tsai

"I did [the vampire facial], where they spin your blood and it was crazy," Oliver explained. "He just took a needle and was squirting it all over my face. It was cold." Kate replied, "It's great for your skin."

Before Oliver started his treatment, which involves injecting a person's blood into the face to refresh the skin, he was dying to know if other men typically try it. "I was asking a million questions. Like, 'How many celebrities have done this? Are there any other men who do this? Do you know celebrity men who have actually done this?'" Oliver said. "Jason, Dr. Diamond is like, 'It would shock you to know the [number] of male celebrities I do s--t too.'"

The actor added: "So I went in and I had blood spattered all over my face and then they needled it in there. Then they did a f----ing laser."

When the vampire facial and lasers were finished, Dr. Diamond convinced Oliver to get a little bit of Botox injected into his forehead for the first time, too.

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"I'm like, 'Oh s--t, for real?' He's like, 'Just trust me.' He puts Botox in my face and I didn't feel anything. Two days later I'm making an expression in the mirror and one eyebrow literally goes up into my hairline. I'm like what the f--k is going on," the actor said as Kate laughed in the background.

Oliver called Dr. Diamond immediately to get his opinion and said, "Jason dude what the f--k. You just ruined my life." With a laugh, his doctor told him to "come back in" so he could put "some more in here just to calm it down." Oliver said, "But it looked insane. I looked like a villain."

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Now, after this first experience with the wrinkle-reducing injectable, Oliver thinks he's ready to go back to the derm for round two. "I did it the one time and now I am going back and I don't know, I think I might do it again. I think I liked it," he said. "No one knew. First of all, I have no problem obviously telling anyone. But I might do it again. This is what I'm wondering about. I don't have a stigma about it."

As for Kate, she's all for her older brother getting more Botox it makes him feel confident. "Who cares?" she said. "It goes away."

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