'Now You See Me 2' Screening at CinemaCon Halted for Security Reasons

A potential threat was taken seriously by organizers, who chose to stop the screening

Photo: Courtesy Lionsgate

A screening of Now You See Me 2 at CinemaCon has been halted for security reasons, PEOPLE confirms.

Audience members at the screening for the Lionsgate’s movie were evacuated at the Colosseum in Las Vegas on Thursday. About 15 minutes into the screening, the film was stopped and the 4,000 seat arena was evacuated due to a “technical issues.”

A CinemaCon rep said an unattended bag was found in the Colosseum during the screening. As of now, throngs of people are gathered outside the doors as security officers block the doors.

Las Vegas police told Deadline.com that a “suspicious item” was found in the Colosseum.

Just 30 minutes prior to the evacuation, the stage was full of stars Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco, David Copperfield, Gina Rodriguez and Tyler Perry.

“The screening was stopped out of complete caution for the safety of the delegates and attendees. A potential threat had to be taken seriously. By the time we determined it was not a threat it was too late to start the movie,” Patrick Corcoran said in a statement obtained by PEOPLE.

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