See the Harry Potter star's action-star moves in a brand-new clip from Now You See Me 2

By Kara Warner
Updated May 19, 2016 12:00 PM

Daniel Radcliffe, we solemnly swear you are up to no good. In this brand-new clip from Now You See Me 2, that is.

Radcliffe plays a not-so-nice guy in the upcoming heist thriller, which is set one year after the events in the first film and finds the familiar troupe of illusionists determined to take down an unethical tech mogul who is threatening their reputation.

The action-packed clip reveals that Radcliffe’s character has no problem resorting to violence to get what he wants from The Four Horseman (Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco and new recruit Lizzy Caplan) and their leader, played by Mark Ruffalo

His bully tactics force the protagonists to engage in a series of magical maneuvers (no pun intended – the scene ends with the unexpected appearance of a white rabbit) to avoid capture by Radcliffe’s character’s henchmen.

The film also stars Jay Chou and Sanaa Lathan, as well as Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine, who appeared in the first movie.

Now You See Me 2 hits theaters June 10.