Noah Centineo Says His Cryptic Tweets Are 'to a Bunch of People I Still Carry in My Heart '

The 22-year-old actor can't wait to bring Peter Kavinsky back to Netflix, but he's excited to branch out from being the teen heartthrob.

Noah Centineo is ready for some risks in 2019.

The To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before actor says he’s loved playing the romantic comedy leads that have earned him his “Internet Boyfriend” crown.

“I want to keep doing those,” the 22-year-old tells PEOPLE. “But I want to branch out and risk and do other things, too.”

If you fell in love with Centineo while watching him become a bonafide 2018 breakout star, you’ll be happy to know he’s not going anywhere. On the small screen, he’s reprising his Fosters character for the Freeform show’s spinoff, Good Trouble. And in November, you can see him in theaters in the Charlie’s Angels reboot, directed by Elizabeth Banks.

Shooting the film, which wrapped in 2018, was an “honor,“ Centineo says, adding that Banks “knows what she wants and she’s f—ing getting it.”

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He’s also going to star in the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before sequel, bringing Peter Kavinsky back to Netflix. And yes, he’s just as excited as you are, though he didn’t know when the film would be released. “I haven’t seen a script yet, but I know Lana [Condor] is stoked,” he says of returning to Vancouver to shoot the film this spring. “We’re all really, really excited. I’m over the moon.”

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If it doesn’t sound like he has enough on his plate, Centineo says he has some more “big moves” planned for this year. His mindset was inspired in part by a canyoneering, rock climbing and volcano summiting trip, sponsored by Eddie Bauer, that he took with his two best childhood friends in December 2018. He says Eddie Bauer’s mission aligned with his love for adventure: “They provide equipment for people to remain safe while going out and doing wild f—ing things, and I think that’s so sick.”

The wildest part of all? While rock-climbing, Eddie Bauer guide Adrian Ballinger taught Centineo to tie his own knot to secure himself before repelling down. “I’m not a knot-tyer, I don’t tie knots. I’m not a Boy Scout, never was, never will be,” he says with a laugh. He managed, but at 80 feet up, all he could do was hope for the best. “You’re like, ‘Wait, I have to trust the knot that I just f—ing tied?’”


After returning safely to his home in Los Angeles, he wants to apply the same fearlessness and trust in himself to his acting career. “Something where the character isn’t the good guy, that would be sick,” he explains. “I’m open to everything, man, as long as I feel connected and passionate about it.”

The actor wants to take some more chances in his off-screen dating life, too, he says. “To me, being risky in my personal life is having discipline, and letting myself, you know, send that text,” he explains. “Or invite that person to yoga.”


If you’re wondering about some of Centineo’s tweets — which look like they could just be secret love letters à la To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before — the actor says they aren’t about a special someone in particular. “They’re to a bunch of people I still carry in my heart in platonic and non-platonic ways,” he says.

Take the recent “Love you? I am you,” tweet for example, which he says he found in a book he’s reading. “When you truly are in love with someone, you just want to eradicate all barriers between you and that person,” he says. “You just wanna fuse with them.”

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