"I'd watch Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Movie, though," says the actress

By Arnesa A. Howell
June 09, 2008 02:20 PM

The women of Sex and the City may have reunited on the big screen, but don’t look for the cast of The O.C. to do the same, says Rachel Bilson.

“No,” the actress, 26, tells Moviefone.com, shooting down any rumblings of an O.C. movie. “I had somebody else ask me that because of Sex and the City the movie, but I was like, ‘No.’ I’d watch Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Movie, though.”

Concerning her former TV colleagues, Bilson, who played Summer Roberts, says, “Mischa [Barton] I actually ran into. But I don’t keep in touch with anyone. I’d like to get together with Melinda Clarke and Kelly Rowan. We were all really close.”

As for sending a congratulatory message to new mom Rowan, “I haven’t even spoken to her!” says Bilson. “I need to send her an e-mail.”

Debuting in 2003, The O.C. wrapped up last year. Not that Bilson has slowed down. She’s looking forward to movie projects, including an anthology flick titled New York, I Love You, about pick-pocketing.

“I wore a blonde wig for the day. It was fun – try something different. And Hayden [Christensen] and I got to work together again. It was really nice,” she says.