March 09, 2017 03:00 PM

The exclusive trailer for Netflix’s original film Small Crimes is here, and Game of Thrones‘ Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, playing disgraced former cop Joe Denton, makes post-prison life look anything but liberating.

“To get the chance to play Joe Denton in Small Crimes was a real treat. A guy with very few if any positive characteristics trying to avoid getting slapped by good old karma,” Coster-Waldau, 46, tells PEOPLE about his role in the film, which will premiere at SXSW. “I loved every second of the shoot, not least working with a brilliant director and such a stellar cast.”

He continues, “Small Crimes was a pure joy to shoot. The director, Evan Katz, has a wonderful dark sense of humor and a very clear vision with which he guided the amazing cast and crew.”

In the clip, Coster-Waldeau’s character Denton is seen exiting prison, his voice-over teasing his criminal past.

“A second chance. I mean, it’s a nice idea, but I made terrible choices. I drove my family away. I hurt people,” Denton says.

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We see Denton trying to reintegrate into society, but it won’t be that simple: Denton soon finds himself trapped in a mess he left behind — a crossfire between a crooked sheriff, a vengeful D.A. and a mafia kingpin who knows too much. Gunshots, a car crash and explosion make it clear that Denton’s second chance is not without criminal hiccups.

“Second chance. Why not?” he quips, matched with a sly wink.

Small Crimes premieres on Netflix on April 28.

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