Nicole Richie Shares Her Creepy Connection to Jordan Peele's Horror Flick 'Us'

Hands Across America, the '80s benefit event, is prominently featured in the film

Jordan Peele’s smash horror flick Us hit a little close to home for Nicole Richie.

The actress and fashion designer, 37, shared her eerie connection to Us via Instagram on Friday, posting a clip featuring her brief appearance in a 1986 Hands Across America commercial, which opens the film.

“#TBT to my, and my Tethers first television appearance #HandsAcrossAmerica @usmovie 🐇✂️,” she captioned the post.

Richie, 37, also included a photo of the Tethered — the film’s main antagonists — holding hands.

The star’s famous followers were not amused, including Jennifer Garner, who commented, “No ma’am.”

Us stars Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke as the parents of a family terrorized by blood-thirsty doppelgängers dubbed The Tethered.

Just like in Hands Across America — the 1986 benefit where millions of people held hands in a human chain across the country to raise money for charity — the Tethered join hands at various points in the movie.

Peele recently explained to Uproxx that he stumbled across a commercial for the event on YouTube and was immediately struck by how scary he found it.

Lupita Nyong’o, Evan Alex, Shahadi Wright Joseph. Claudette Barius/Universal Pictures

“It was like ‘happy days again,’ except it’s in the ‘80s and we are going to send teachers up into outer space and everything is going to be fine,” he said. “I was kind of left watching this commercial, ‘Why does that disturb me?’…From there, it took me down this path to really think about this movie in terms of this country and the idea of demonstration or protest, or even performance art, and to imagine what the evil doppelgänger version of what Hands Across America would be.”

Us is the follow-up to his 2017 directorial debut Get Out, which earned Peele an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

The film has so far proved a box office success, raking in more than $70 million in North America in its opening weekend.

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