Nicole Kidman Says the Pandemic Has Taught Her to 'Live in the Moment'

"I will never take for granted the idea of walking into a crowded room and dancing to music," she said

2020 has made Nicole Kidman more present.

In a new conversation with WSJ. Magazine's Kristina O’Neill for the publication's franchise The One presented by Tiffany & Co., the Oscar winner, 53, reflected on the unprecedented year and living in lockdown. Kidman said the coronavirus pandemic has taught her to not take anything for granted.

"Live in the moment," she said in a portion of rapid-fire questions, adding that what she misses most while in quarantine are "hugging, crowds, live music, people feeling safe in the world, travel — a lot of things."

"I will never take for granted the idea of walking into a crowded room and dancing to music and going into a hospital, being able to go in to see your loved one in the hospital and be there for them. ... There's just so many things," she said.

"But at the same time, we're resilient, and I love the resilience of who we are as human beings, and I love what people have done for each other to help each other right now," continued Kidman. "I've been the recipient of it, I've been the giver of it, and that's a really great thing to be able to see it and know it."

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The actress, who stars in the new HBO thriller The Undoing, also said her extended family has become more connected — virtually, of course — due to the isolation. "Became far more willing to FaceTime because it wasn't my go-to thing," said Kidman. "And I also noticed people pick up the phone and talk more now. The texting is not enough. The voice is very helpful."

Attendees of the virtual WSJ. Magazine event received a box from Tiffany's with a pair of wine glasses and linen coasters, a bottle of McBride Sisters sauvignon blanc, a bottle of TÖST, west~bourne Sun & Moon popcorn, and a Tiffany bowl.

In a recent interview with The Daily Telegraph, Kidman shared how her family — which includes husband Keith Urban and their daughters Sunday, 12, and Faith, 9 — were able to stay "healthy and safe."

"We just hunkered down and did what we were told," she said. "We’ve watched friends go to hell and back and have watched the world navigate this together, and I think we are all just going, ‘Is this really happening?' ... Keith and I have that conversation where we go, ‘I can't even believe this has happened.' "

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Prior to the lockdown, Kidman graced the cover of WSJ. Magazine for its May issue, opening up about how she keeps her family at the top of her priorities, especially when juggling her country star spouse's busy touring schedule. The actress said she'll “pass on films” if they would force her to be away from her family too long.

“We have a system worked out to keep the family together,” she said at the time. “When Keith’s not touring, it’s much easier. He’ll be on tour next year, and then I just don’t work as much. Literally — it will become imbalanced, and we will change it.”

“We don’t have the answers, but the one thing we do know is that we will not jeopardize us,” Kidman added.

The Undoing airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on HBO

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