Nicole Kidman won't let her status as one of the most famous actresses in the world go to her head

By Maura Hohman
November 13, 2018 11:01 AM

Nicole Kidman won’t let her status as one of the most famous people on the planet go to her head.

The actress, 51, revealed to fans some of her more down-to-earth-qualities for the cover story for this month’s Allure.

“I don’t see myself as a celebrity. I’m not a celebrity. I’m not a movie star,” Kidman said in the article. “I feel like I’m an actor. Beyoncé is a celebrity. And that’s a much bigger thing.”

The mother of four, who lives in Nashville with her husband, country singer Keith Urban, 51, shared that they built their picturesque relationship on their mutual heritage.

Nicole Kidman
| Credit: Allure

“We’re Australian, both of us, so water is very therapeutic,” the Big Little Lies star said. “We have a beach house, and we will get up in the morning before we have breakfast, and we’ll go in the ocean.”

Kidman added that her next-door neighbor is Reese Witherspoon, her costar from the hit series based in Liane Moriarty’s book. “Reese will be going, ‘What are you doing in the water, you lovebirds?’ She’ll tease us because she rarely goes in the ocean. ‘You crazy Australian kids.’ ”

Nicole Kidman
| Credit: Allure

A belief in God also grounds Kidman, which she got to explore in her upcoming movie, where she plays a devout Christian who forces her gay son through conversation therapy.

“I’m spiritual in that I absolutely believe in God. I loved the idea of being a nun. Obviously, I did not choose to go that path, but I was very drawn to it,” she recalled before pivoting to discuss Boy Erased.

“The mother is struggling herself, and there’s a truth to it,” she said. “She changes. She’s the one that changes, and I love that. I think that’s really beautiful.”

Nicole Kidman
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Motherhood is a big part of Kidman’s life both on-screen and off. With Urban, she’s raising two daughters, Faith Margaret, 7, and Sunday Rose, 10, and she plays the mom of the titular character in DC comics film Aquaman. Not to mention, Big Little Lies is all about mommy wars, with a super dark twist.

Nicole Kidman
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She recently revealed that her daughters have a special connection to both roles because Queen Atlanna is her daughters’ favorite role of their mom’s thus far and they’ve spent some time of the set of the HBO drama.

“They were in as extras in Big Little Lies, which I’ve never told anyone, and I’m not being a big mouth,” Kidman joked on Ellen at the end of last month.

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The Destroyer star then noted that Faith and Sunday desperately want to appear on Ellen, but when the host said they’re more than welcome, Kidman exclaimed, “They’re not allowed!”

“Why not?” the comedian retorted.

“Because!” the actress squealed in response.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban
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Ahead of the premiere of Destroyer at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, Kidman shared more details about her daughters’ thoughts on her career.

“We were by the skin of our teeth trying to make this film,” she recalled. “And I mean, my kids are always like, ‘What is she doing now? Our crazy mama.’ … But it’s also interesting for them, I think, because they see me creating characters and, you know, they have vivid imaginations themselves and they construct stories, and so that’s all they know.”

Boy Erased is now in theaters.