Nicole Kidman Says She Had a 'Lot of Fears and Insecurities' as a Teen Because of Her Height

Nicole Kidman reached 5'10" when she was just 13

Nicole Kidman's height sets her apart in Hollywood, but it wasn't always her favorite feature.

The Oscar winner, next starring in Netflix's The Prom, opened up about facing childhood insecurities in Glamour U.K.'s latest cover story.

“I was a teenager who wouldn’t conform, but I had a lot of fears and insecurities because I was very tall. I was 5ft10in’ by the time I was 13 years old,” Kidman, 53, said.

Still, Kidman played to her strengths and chose an unconventional dress for her own prom.

“I wore a 1920s flapper dress, which goes along with my ‘not conforming’ sensibility," she recalled. "I bought it in a vintage store and I just loved the idea of a flapper dress, it was black and white beading – it was definitely not tulle and big skirts. I think I remember getting a little drunk too, which is probably a lot of people’s experiences at their prom or formal.”

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The Prom follows a group of egotistical Broadway stars who head to small-town Indiana to help a high school girl banned from attending her school's prom because she wants to bring her girlfriend as her date. Kidman, a mom of two herself, thinks the message of the movie is all about parents supporting their kids to be themselves and the best they can be.

“It’s about how unconditional love will conquer all,” Kidman said of the movie. “For a parent to say to a child, ‘You're loved. You're just loved,’ is the most important thing and, ‘you can believe, you can do, you can be who you are, and I will love you.’”

Director Ryan Murphy explained to Entertainment Weekly that he wanted to make a more classical musical adaptation when he took on The Prom.

"I wanted to make something that was in tradition of the old movie musicals that I grew up loving with my grandmother," Murphy said. "I wanted to make something that had the sparkle and the charm and humor of Singin' in the Rain. That's a show business story. It's a look at the inside of the film world, as opposed to The Prom, which looks at the Broadway community, but when you saw the musical on Broadway, it is just full steam ahead and never stops. I loved that quality, because it did feel old-fashioned and modern."

The Prom opens in select theaters and arrives on Netflix Dec. 11.

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