Pucker Up! Nicole Kidman Kisses Naomi Watts Before Receiving Excellence in Film Award: 'We're Like Sisters'

"We've known each other since we were teenagers," the honoree told PEOPLE

Photo: Charley Gallay/Getty

Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts shared a moment of sisterly love onstage at the Women in Film Crystal and Lucy Awards on Tuesday night – a lot of love.

The actresses hammed it up onstage with a big smooch after Kidman, 47, accepted the Crystal Award for Excellence in Film from her gal pal Watts at the Los Angeles event.

While you might be wondering why the duo wore printed shower caps, the odd accessories were an ode to a childhood memory that Kidman recalled during her moving acceptance speech. The Moulin Rouge! star talked about a time she turned down a role offered by screenwriter-director Jane Campion when she was 14 because it required her “to appear on the screen wearing a shower cap and kissing another girl.”

At the end of her remarks, Kidman took a moment to show the director that, now, she would wear a shower cap and kiss anyone she wanted, whipping out a cap to prove her point. Watts then came back out to the stage wearing one as well and met her longtime friend for a big embrace – followed by a loving lip-lock!

But the pair’s closeness comes from years of friendship, Kidman explained.

“We’ve known each other since we were teenagers. And actually, when I was thinking about it, I was like, it’s like my sister giving me this award tonight,” she told PEOPLE. “And we’re like sisters. I mean, we’ve known each other for so long, through so many things. And this is the kind of the sidebar of our life. Really, our life is all the personal stuff.”

She also mentioned that Watts is throwing her a birthday bash this week. (She turns 48 on Saturday!)

And Watts proved their vows of sisterhood are mutual with a heartfelt speech to toast the Aussie actress before she took the podium, calling her friend’s loyalty “unwavering.”

“Back in the day, you fueled me with hope and encouragement. You kept saying, ‘Nai, one thing, one thing. That’s all it takes. It will change everything.’ And it’s only later that I realized the true power of that statement,” Watts, 46, told the audience, which was filled with stars, including Sandra Bullock, Ava Duvernay, Kristen Stewart and Lake Bell.

“She took me under her wing and she made me her sister. Her smaller sister. Nicole epitomizes for me the word sisterhood. She’s absolutely a woman’s woman. She’s highly spirited, has an infectious laugh, and always up for a good time. And when I say a good time, I mean a good time.”

She wrapped her speech by thanking Kidman for their relationship: “The sisterhood needs many more friends like you, and the world needs many more people like you.”

Another one of Kidman’s biggest supporters also took notice of the women’s closeness.

Her husband of nine years, country singer Keith Urban, 47, told PEOPLE, “They’ve known each other forever, like 30 years or something.”

“So there’s a lot of information in all of that that I didn’t know about,” Urban added. “Probably don’t need to.”

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