Careful What You Wish For arrives in theaters June 10

By Nicole Sands
Updated June 01, 2016 03:30 PM
Credit: Starz Digital

Nick Jonas is taking his charm from the stage to the big screen.

The star is set to make his leading-man debut in the drama-thriller Careful What You Wish For, in which his character – a college student named Doug Martin – gets tangled in an affair with a stunning woman, Lena Harper (Isabel Lucas), who is married to a powerful investment banker, not thinking about the consequences that may arise.

“Elliot’s first wife is still fighting him in court,” Harper warns Martin about the kind of man her husband, Elliot (Dermot Mulroney), is. “None of this is gonna be easy.”

While Martin has little knowledge about the danger he is getting himself into, he assures Harper that he will help her hide their fling.

“You could talk to my mom, she’s a lawyer, you could get a referral” Martin, lounging shirtless in bed, says.

“Thank you, you’re sweet,” Harper says, kissing Jonas’ head. “He’s gonna figure it out soon.”

Aside from being a Grammy-nominated singer, Jonas currently stars in AT&T’s original series Kingdom, and previously had a role on VH1’s Scream Queens.

Careful What You Wish For arrives in theaters, on iTunes and On Demand June 10.