Nicholas Hoult Falls in Love - and Into a Sexy Open Relationship - in First 'Newness' Trailer

Nicholas Hoult's latest movie Newness explores the boundaries of a relationship in the modern age

Nicholas Hoult’s latest movie explores the boundaries of a relationship in the modern age.

The British actor stars alongside Spanish-born Laia Costa in Newness — a sexy tale about a romance that gets complicated when the couple decides to explore their desires towards other people.

“I like new things — I like a lot of newness,” Costa says forebodingly at the beginning of the trailer, exclusive to PEOPLE. The rest of the clip shows the couple’s dissent into a rocky path as the two try to navigate their own love while openly dating other people before their bond starts to unravel as things grow complicated.

PEOPLE also has an exclusive first-look at the film’s poster:


Director Drake Doremus, who also helmed the heartbreaking Like Crazy, tells PEOPLE his new film is meant to confront the audience directly with an idea foreign to most.

Newness is a very emotionally and physically bare movie — there’s nowhere to hide,” Doremus says. “The whole thing had to be completely honest in the moment or else it would have fallen apart. I think the reason Nicholas Hoult and Laia Costa were able to get to that honesty is because it was real in the moment. It never felt like it was a performance or acting as much as getting each other going.“

Ridley Scott served as an executive producer on the film.

Newness first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January and will be available exclusively on iTunes starting November 3. It will hit other streaming platforms shortly after.

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