February 10, 2017 08:53 PM

Fifty Shades Darker is making New Yorkers turn fifty shades of red.

PEOPLE Now visited New York City’s famed Grand Central Terminal to ask travelers to read a few lines from the E.L. James novel on which Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan‘s sequel Fifty Shades Darker is based — and the results were priceless.

Whether they were reading with a significant other, friends or just by themselves, the travelers fidgeted and giggled their way through some of the book’s steamiest passages.

“His hands move up to my breasts and he palms them both, tugging gently on my nipples,” a male passenger reads in a deadpan voice.

One line in particular, involving Johnson’s character’s derrière, always seemed to get a laugh. “He caresses my behind with his long-fingered hands and I’m helpless,” one woman reads, as her two friends giggle.

“I can’t get over this ‘behind,'” jokes another traveler after reading the same passage. (To be fair, Anastasia Steele isn’t exactly known for her dirty talk).

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Fifty Shades Darker is in theaters now.

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