VIDEO: Watch the 'Worst Heroes Ever' Kick Ass in the Latest 'Suicide Squad' Trailer

DC supervillains assemble for a mission that will likely kill them.

Suicide Squad
Photo: Clay Enos

This squad is one you don’t want to cross.

Will Smith, Jared Leto and Margot Robbie all star in the latest trailer for the highly anticipated Suicide Squad, which was released during Tuesday’s DC Films Presents: Dawn of the Justice League on the CW.

The new teaser features super-villains Joker (Leto), Harley Quinn (Robbie) and Deadshot (Smith) as well as Boomerang (Jai Courtney), Enchantress (Cara Delevingne), Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman), Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje), Slipknot (Adam Beach), Katana (Karen Fukuhara) and Diablo (Jay Hernandez).

Suicide Squad will hit theaters on Aug. 5.

Also featured in the David Ayer-directed film are Common, Viola Davis, Ike Barinholtz and Scott Eastwood.

And look out for cameo appearances by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice stars Ben Affleck and Jesse Eisenberg for the ultimate DC crossover.