Neve Campbell Admits She Was 'Really Apprehensive' About Making Another Scream Movie

Neve Campbell returns to her iconic character in the upcoming Scream 5

A personal letter to Neve Campbell convinced her to come back to one of her most iconic roles.

Campbell confirmed last month that she would be returning for the upcoming Scream 5, the latest in the franchise and the first after the death of franchise creator and director Wes Craven. The actress explained in Variety’s special “House of Horror," in which she virtually appeared with Jamie Lee Curtis, that Craven's death was the reason she was so hesitant to come on board for the new movie.

“I had been really apprehensive about doing another one,” Campbell, 47, said. “People had asked in the past whether I would do another one without Wes or whether I would make another one. I always felt like it’d be too difficult to do it without Wes. He was the master of these films. He did such a beautiful job on them. We were a family.”

But Campbell heard from the new directors, Ready or Not duo Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, and learned of their commitment to honoring Craven's legacy. Craven died in 2015 of a brain tumor at 76.

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“They actually wrote me a letter and they said they basically are directors because of these films,” Campbell said. “They are directors because of Wes Craven and they’re really so excited to be a part of these films and what an honor it is to do them, and that they really want to do justice to Wes and honor his legacy.”

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Neve Campbell in Scream. Dimension Films/Kobal/Shutterstock

“That meant a lot. That letter meant a lot to me," she continued. "Then I went and watched one their films and it’s brilliant and in keeping in tone. So I thought, ‘You know what, I can do this.’ I think this could be a lot of fun and a good idea. These are people who are doing it for the love of these films. So that meant something.”

Campbell will be reuniting with fellow original stars Courteney Cox and David Arquette alongside a cast of newcomers to the franchise. She recently confirmed she was getting ready to head to set — and is excited to see her old friends.

“I am leaving soon [and] I am looking forward to getting back to work,” Campbell told Entertainment Tonight. “It will be the first time since March and I am sure we are all dealing with getting back to work, so I am excited about that.”

“I am excited [about] stepping back in Sidney's shoes and seeing Courteney and David,” she continued. “Those movies mean so much to me for my life and career and they are always a blast to do, so it should be fun!”

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