Father Soldier Son debuts on Netflix July 17

By Ale Russian
July 02, 2020 11:00 AM

An intimate new documentary set to hit Netflix explores the complex relationship between a father and his young sons.

Father Soldier Son follows 10 years in the life of Brian Eisch, a platoon sergeant and father of two who returns home after a combat injury results in the loss of his leg.

The trailer for the documentary starts with one of Eisch's young sons describing his fears as his dad is deployed.

"I worry about my dad at night because it’s like dark and they can sneak, and then they can go [mimics gun shots]," he says, later adding, "My dad is an American soldier. My dad is my superhero."

That relationship turns more and more complex as the documentary goes on, with the consequences of Eisch's career taking a toll on his mental health and on his family's well-being.

"It’s a lot easier being a platoon sergeant than it is raising two boys by yourself," Eisch says in the trailer. "I’m trying to do my duty to my country and deploy and do what Uncle Sam asked me to do. But you know, what’s everybody asking my boys to do?"


Later on, when Eisch returns home and struggles through rehab and adjusting to life in a wheelchair, one his sons, now grown, thinks much differently of his father.

"He’s a lot more on edge lately. I’m not sure his injuries were worth it all," the son says. "I could definitely go into college and he doesn’t believe me. I do want to have kids eventually and I don’t want my kids to go through what I went through."

The documentary comes from New York Times journalists Catrin Einhorn and Leslye Davis, who decided to follow an Afghanistan-based battalion in 2010 but quickly turned their attention to Eisch and his family. The two became filmmakers as they captured Eisch's life and the difficulties after his deployment.

Father Soldier Son debuts on Netflix July 17.