Netflix's Sexy Thriller Fatal Affair Is Your Next Obsession: Watch Trailer with Nia Long

The film is now available to watch on the digital streaming platform

Netflix has just released your next film obsession.

Nia Long stars as a woman caught in a frantic game of cat and mouse in their new film, Fatal Affair, which was released on the digital streaming platform on Thursday.

Directed by Peter Sullivan (Secret Obsession), the psychological drama also stars Omar Epps, Stephen Bishop and KJ Smith, and marks the third time that Long and Epps have appeared onscreen together. They previously starred in 2004's Alfie after they co-starred for the first time as love interests back in 1999's crime thriller In Too Deep.

"A brief encounter takes a dangerous turn when Ellie (Long) discovers her old friend David (Epps) is more unstable than she realized," a description of the film reads on YouTube.

The trailer for the film begins with a shot of a stunning bay area before viewers are introduced to Ellie and her husband Marcus (Stephen Bishop) as they settle into their new home.

"You think it was a mistake leaving the city?," Ellie asks Marcus before he tells her, "It's our time. You're stuck with me."

The scene cuts away and viewers then get their first glimpse at Epps as David as he reconnects with Ellie as she begins work at her new law firm.

"It's been a long time, huh?" she asks him to which he responds, "20 years."

Fatal Affair

The pair then head out for a drink where Ellie confides in David that her life isn't as picture-perfect as it may seem.

"I do have the perfect life but you know one day you wake up and the person sleeping next to you feels like a complete stranger," she tells him.

Shots of Ellie and David growing closer together flash upon the screen before things begin to get more intense. Telling David, "there is no us," Ellie then starts to see David unravel as his obsession with her intensifies.

The trailer pivots to scenes of Ellie fighting for her life, as she calls for help on a police scanner beside a dead officer before David appears in the car's headlights.

Speaking with The Oprah Magazine, Long discussed her role and how the film was originally "written for a white cast" when she was first presented the script.

Aware that there is a current need for more Black voices in front and behind the camera, Long — who's also a producer on the film — reflected that and helped to make some changes.

"Netflix and the producers supported that, and we started to make changes to the script just so it felt like my voice, and there were certain things that we changed to accommodate who I am and then to accommodate the rest of the cast," she told the publication.

She added, "That to me says that studios were open to doing what's necessary to keep diversity at the forefront. What you're seeing right now are white actors saying, 'Hey listen, I'm not gonna do the voiceover for a Black character. I'm a white person. I'm going to step down and allow that to be played by a Black person.' That's their opportunity and their right to play that character."

Fatal Affair is now streaming on Netflix.

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