Netflix also announced that all laugh tracks on series streamed by the platform would be replaced with Seth Rogen's famous chortle

By Stephanie Petit
April 01, 2018 05:13 PM

Seth Rogen will definitely be reading all contracts before he signs them in the future.

Netflix announced Sunday that the Knocked Up star “entered into a lifetime deal to transfer full ownership of his personal autonomy” to the streaming service, an April Fools’ day joke complete with a news release and hilarious video of Rogen looking over his contract.

“I should have read this before I signed it,” the 35-year-old actor says after reading the terms and conditions of the agreement, which includes the “ability to frame you for murder and rights to film a docuseries about that murder and biopic starring John Goodman.”

The press release states, “‘As a general rule, I don’t really ‘read’ anything before I sign it,’ replied Rogen when asked about the deal, spilling some beer on his own head as he does the finger-symbol equivalent of air quotes. ‘That’s what Danny is for, he handles that for me, mostly,’ gesturing toward an elderly man in a poncho sleeping on the couch behind him. ‘Hey Danny!’ he shouts, unable to wake his senior contract advisor. ‘I really hope he didn’t f— this up. He’s the reason that Zach and Miri Make a Porno exists.’ “

A longer video of Rogen hilariously going over his contract appears on Netflix’s user homepage, with the tagline, “Netflix has acquired the mind, soul, body, dreams and doodles” of the actor.

With those rights, Netflix announced they would also be using Rogen’s recognizable chuckle as a replacement for current laugh tracks for streaming sitcoms like Friends and That ’70s Show.

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The press release also put forward a few other ideas for the actor, including a “live-action Shrek remake, starring Rogen as both the titular character, as well as that character’s love interest Fiona. There will also be other tasks considered, including some off-camera roles such as ‘executive foot massager’ and ‘Quentin’s back waxer.’ ”

The gag is a well-timed promotion for Seth Rogen’s Hilarity for Charity, a taping of a star-studded fundraiser which raises awareness about Alzheimer’s disease. The variety show — featuring Tiffany Haddish, Sacha Baron Cohen, Sarah Silverman and more — will be available to stream via Netflix on April 6.

Netflix is no stranger to teaming up with big celebrities for their April Fools’ day pranks. In 2016, a video of John Stamos having a meltdown at Netflix was “leaked,” and stars of Netflix shows gathered to warn about the dangers of binge watching the previous holiday.