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July 02, 2016 01:25 PM

Neil Young and Daryl Hannah have taken their love overseas!

The talented couple are celebrating the holiday weekend with a romantic getaway to the French Riviera. Young and Hannah were spotted looking affectionate as they sunbathed and splashed around in the water together on Friday.

The Splash actress, 55, flaunted her toned body in a cleavage-baring burgundy one-piece swimsuit. The “Heart of Gold” singer, 70, wore a long-sleeved yellow shirt and a black swimsuit and wrapped a light blue bandana around his head.

Splash News

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Young and Hannah met while collaborating on a documentary for Greenpeace and have been dating since 2014, around the time Young filed for divorce from Pegi, his wife of 36 years, according to sources.

In September 2014, a source told PEOPLE Young and Hannah had been dating “for months.”

“They’ve taken no effort to even hide it,” the insider said at the time. “He recorded a new album a few weeks ago and she was on Skype the entire time, giving him feedback on every take. He even told people in the studio she was his ‘girlfriend.’ ”

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