"I'll admit that I'm nervous to host, but it's much less pressure than being a nominee," Patrick says

By Michael Miller
Updated February 10, 2015 04:15 PM
Credit: Larry Busacca/Getty

Hosting the Oscars is no easy task (just ask James Franco), but Neil Patrick Harris says he’d rather be on the dais than be a nominee in the audience.

“I’ll admit that I’m nervous to host, but it’s much less pressure than being a nominee,” the 41-year-old actor writes in an op-ed for T, The New York Times Style Magazine.

“Your heart’s pounding and you have 15 names that you pray to God you don’t forget – and your name’s not called,” Harris says of being a nominee. Though the actor hasn’t yet been nominated for an Oscar, he’s been up for four Golden Globes and nine Emmys – he’s won five of those Emmys, as well as a Tony.

The Gone Girl star says even winning can be stressful under the circumstances: “Or, even stranger, your name is called, and you’re blinded by adrenaline and panic.”

“That’s much more nerve-racking to me than going out and saying, ‘Our next two presenters are the stars of this movie, please welcome Brad and Angelina,’ ” he writes.

Harris is set to take the stage for the 87th Academy Awards on Feb. 22. The show will air live on ABC at 7 p.m. ET.